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Runefest 2019 Theme Revealed and Announced

Be ready to go on an expedition full of hazards in the unknown, for RuneFest 2019 will be a glimpse and recollection of the distant past - we’re hoping that you have a strong proclivity for all things dark and mysterious as we embark on a journey to the Fossil Island! 

As you pave your way through the realistic life-like part of the island,you can anticipate for meet-ups and conversations with the Jods, plenty of panels, an allocated LAN area, an art area as well for meeting up with the creative teams and needless to say you can look forward to some colossal announcements on the main stage. Skill chips are now being brought as well! 

Without a doubt this year’s RuneFest will be the most massive RuneScape fan event ever to be held till date, and the tickets are not only available but also on sale right now - grab your tickets from here! The event will take a kickstart on 4th of October 2019 in the evening and run throughout the 5th of October, commencing on Friday night at 18:00 along with a very exceptional community event which is the Golden Gnomes! We are making a beeline for The Farnborough I ternarion Exhibition & Conference Centre in London, UK. 

For guidelines and recommendations on all things from travelling to accommodations, take a look at the official Runefest website, the official forum for Runefest or the community-based Facebook Group. Most importantly, mark your calendar so that you can take part in the world’s largest Runescape fan gathering. We’re really looking forward to seeing you there! 


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