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Runescape - Back To School with ZedRS

Its mid august already, the three month summer vacation is about to be over. There was a significant increase in RS players through the summers due to schools being closed. The players were able to grind all day to get the maximum gains before there school opens because no one has that much time available through the day with school and colleges. Everyone has to divide the time equally with their studies,families,socializing and gaming. Studies have a work load due to couple of assignments, quizzes and homework every other day. Moreover, sitting in front of the screen for 16+ hours is not even healthy for you. One must take breaks in order to keep their eyes and body in best of health.

Since the schools will be re opened soon, ZedRS is giving away free runescape gold to celebrate back to school (sarcasm). Get a chance to win 1-10M runescape gold.

How to win free RS gold?

  1. Post on our subreddit about any 1 thing you love about ZedRS. Click here to go to the reddit page.
  2. Copy the reddit post link and send it to one of the ZedRS admin.
  3. This can be done by emailing to or sending a message on discord/skype. (Discord: ZedRS#5125) [Skype: live:zed_rs ]
  4. You have a chance to win 1-10M of runescape gold. One entry per person strictly. 
  5. This will be traded to you by the admin himself. They will contact you themself. Just make sure you have followed the steps completely.

Secondly, do not worry if you will not have any time to train your accounts once the school reopens. You can order power leveling from us to get 100% hand done power training on your accounts. Zedrs offers completely hand done services for your valuable accounts. 


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