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RS Gold Swap Rates Updated - 6 July 2019

Swap rates have been updated due to the change in current market situation. Both the normal and VIP swap rates have been changed. 

RS3 to OSRS vip rate is 6.25:1 now, which turns to be your 62.5M rs3 gold for our 10m 07 gold.

OSRS to RS3 vip rate is 1:5.4 which turns to be your 10m 07 gold for our 54m RS3 gold.

These rates are however not full and final, we are always open up to negotiations. There may be a slight change again in the upcoming days depending on the market. You can always check the livechat for the most up to date rate. 

*VIP swap rates are obtained by posting about your swap on our subreddit: 


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