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Exchange Your RS3 Bank for Oldschool gold

On the lookout for a swapping clan? Website, Fc, Cc? Either of these? Before you do, we would advise you to take some time out and read what we have to say and we’ll tell you what to expect when taking your gold to a newcomer, as you presume that they’ll use honest ways to swap your gold. First of all, you will always have to go to them first. Now that you have proceeded with the swap, they've got ahold of your gold and you won't discover them on the other variants of the game that could be RS3 or 07. Ultimately, the channel will either place a ban on you or it might as well kick you out. As a result of this you won’t be able to let the other users know that you were the victim of a scam. Don’t be a casualty of this.  

How to quickly swap your rs3 bank for oldschool:

  1. Liquidate your RS3 bank
  2. Contact the livechat on the bottom right hand corner of this page or click here
  3. Talk to the livechat agent, ask for the swap location
  4. Meet at the given location in-game
  5. Make sure you trade the correct account, always make sure you confirm it on livechat.
  6. Meet on the Oldschool location to get your osrs gold.

ZedRS guarantees the finest swapping rates and is a trustworthy swapping clan for you to Swap RS3 to 07 at. Before making the swap, you can check the amount that you’re going to get beforehand by using the swapping rs3 07 calculator on the website.


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