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How to find a legit and reliable swapping FC?

You will come across numerous swapping clans and websites claiming to be the best swapper, being legit and so much more. But all these claims are only true until you have really tested them and ended up loosing your gold or getting an extremely high swap rate which means you lost gold too. You would have got alot more than that if you swapped your RS3 or 07 with ZedRS. We are glad to offer the best swapping rates and even an outstanding offer to beat all our competitors. All you have to do is email us at saying the amount of gold you are looking to swap and a proof of swap rate being offered by any of our competitor. We will beat the rate and give you more than that ofcourse. Before doing that, make sure you check our livechat or osrs rs3 swapping calculator on the swap page and check what are the current rates. We are mostly offering unbeatable rates so there will be no need to email and wait.

It is very important that you choose a trustworthy website for swapping. You might have come across ZedRS or heard about it from someone. If that is not the case then let me fill you in a bit. We came into the swapping industry in 2013, back when the oldschool runescape was first established. With the passage of time, they have successfully ensured the completion of huge numbers of swaps, exceeding tens of thousands and provide the users with an impressive online service that runs 24/7 to serve you. Another thing that you can do is rent maxed osrs main accounts from and try out your fortune in the duel arena, as they also provide renting apart from swapping.

Happy Swapping!


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