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RS Botting Risks

Many players use gold farming as an easy way out but however this method

comes with this disadvantages and is not as useful as players assume. Let us

explain you what gold farming or botting is and the reasons we recommend you

not to use this method.


The process of gold farming or macroing involves a robot which could be a person

or a programme to perform tasks to earn money. These are scripted click and

mouse/keyboard operations. Macroing is a common practice among players. The

tasks to be performed might include basic tasks like cutting wood or fishing. In

some countries such as the less developed countries people do these tasks

manually. Botting and Gold farming is also a popular practice among RS3 and

OSRS players. Due to advancements in scripts heavy and major tasks too. It may

seem great to players since the computer does all the work but however it is not

as great as it seems and has its cons.


Using macroimg to avail gold can get you banned or result in a loss of your

account. Let us explain you how this can happen and why you need to avoid such

a method. There is a huge risk involved and macro clients are tricky. There is a

chance that these clients can steal your information if you are using their services

for free – if they see they can earn real world cash using your account or if your

account can be sold they will try to steal your information. Moreover, other

players who are not using botting can report you. They can see if you’re online,

and if not they can report you. Risking your account for a bit more gold is not a

safe option and you really don’t want to lose hours of hardwork by simply getting

yourself banned by using gold farming techniques. It might seem appealing at first

but the truth is that it is a risky and dangerous method.


A simple and easy way to not get into the trouble of losing your account is to

purchase gold from trustworthy sites like Zed. We here at Zed insure that our

customers do not face any inconvenience when it comes to buying gold. You can

earn gold here faster than a bot will earn it. Unknown bots can mistreat your

information since you are trusting them with your login details – but there’s

nothing to worry about when it comes to us! So instead of using macros and

risking all your progress, we suggest you to buy it from reputable sites.



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