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Duel Arena Update


Recently, old school Runescape dual arena received a major update. these

changes haven’t been really helpful to the RS community, and have created

problems instead. The changes introduced include:


From now on, item staking will not be allowed in duel arena. This has caused

harm to many players, since they will have to use cash or platinum tokens.

According to Jagex this was done to tackle odds staking and real world trading

but however this does not seem like the best decision for players.

A major problem encountered now is that prices drop at a faster rate.

Exclusive items for example the the twisted bow or elysian spirit used to be

costly so players worked hard by staking to avail them. But this is not the case

anymore since prices are dropping, so if players bought something recently

and want to sell it, they will not be able to benefit from max profit. As items

will lose value fast, long time owners will be disturbed too as they might lose

from their bank. On the other hand, it can be beneficial for buyers as prices of

gold will be low.


There will now be taxes on all stakings:

0.25% - if the stake is between 0 and 10 million GP

0.50% - if the stake is between 10 and a 100 million GP

   1.00% - if the stake is higher than a 100 million GP


Another change introduced is that your stakes need to be within a value of 10,

000 coins. This means you if a player is staking nothing you can’t stake 200 mil

with that player. The player must stake 200 mil +/- 10k coins in value.


Since the update disappointed most customers, people have been successful in

looking for ways to avoid the changes. Removing item staking was harmful to

players but probably the worst thing was the introduced taxation as it removes

gold from the game and it allows websites like gambling and betting sites to offer

lower tax which allows them to receive a lot more customers. But however the RS

community has found other ways such as dropping the items later on or by using

other websites. Conclusively, we don’t think that the update was needed as it

only creates more problem for players and people will now only look for ways to

avoid the new system.


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