Maxed Main Rental Service

Rent a Maxed Main now and test your luck!

30 Mins only for 4M 07

1 hour = 7m/hour

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Terms and Conditions

  • Follow all in-game rules
  • NO real world trading - First trade to your account then trade to the staker.
  • There will be no refunds if account gets ban.
  • No commission staking
  • You won't leave the duel arena
  • Deposit will not be returned if you dont claim it within an hour
  • Keep private 'ON' ALWAYS
  • Your time starts as soon as you get the account login details
  • Check the whip counts/DDS before you go in the fight, we are NOT responsible if it breaks in between or there is something missing
  • If there is some issue, please report it to the livechat within 5 minutes of your starting time.
  • Why should you choose ZedRS?
    How to swap runescape gold

    Staking with ZedRS

    Looking to stake your Runescape gold on 50 50 odds and make bank quickly? No worries! If you do not have a maxed main account on oldschool, you can rent a maxed main from ZedRS at cheap prices and try your luck. Our maxed main is completely safe to rent and perfect to stake. The account has 99 Attack , 99 Strength, 99 Defence and 99 Hitpoints. The account is already equipped with an abyssal tentacle whip and a dragon dagger p++ so you just hop on the account and start staking! If you have any questions, contact our livechat for it.

    Runescape Connection Issues

    Majority of runescape players were experiencing constant disconnections and lags whilst playing oldschool & RS3. However, contrary to the popular belief, JaGeX is completely aware of the problem. This issue arose as a result of some people trying to DDOS the runescape servers to interrupt ... (more)

    Ultimate Oldschool Staking guide!

    Staking is just another form of gambling in-game. It is HIGHLY addictive and you will get drawn in very fast which is why people loose banks every now and then. I would recomment don't even take in the duel arena what you can't afford to loose. Because anything that you take into the duel arena either comes back multiplied or nothing at all. That is basically how staking goes on. Once you click on the 'accept' button, theres no going back. I repeat, NO GOING ... (more)

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