How to use Bonds?

Bonds for Membership/P2P

uses of runescape bonds

The bonds can be used to gift to friends, it can be sold in the Grand exchange or to players directly for in-game golds or it can be swapped for in-game items with another player.

Special membership packages are offered by Runescape every now and then through bonds. Summer special membership package being offered right now is 90 days membership for only 5 bonds. That means you get 3 months membership for like $30. If you consume 5 bonds at once, you will be getting 20 extra days of membership than consuming each bond seperately which gets you only 70 days of membership.

using rs bonds runescape membership packages

Apart from the Special summer package offered by Runescape, the bonds can also be used for 14 days , 29 days and 45 days membership. 14 days costs 1 Bonds, 29 days costs 2 bonds which means you get 1 extra day if 2 bonds are consumed at once and 45 days costs 3 bonds which means you get 3 extra days for comsuming 3 bonds at once. Membership packages are a discount if you can afford more than 1 bond at a time. Save your hard earned money and get the packages to enjoy cheap runescape membership and without the hassle of renewing it every 2 weeks.

14 days rs membership bonds

One bond can be used for 14 days membership. After you redeem it, you get the above message in game.

Membership applied on the account is for both, Rs3 and oldschool. Using Rs3 bonds does not mean you only get mems for Rs3. You will also get oldschool membership if you use it on the same account. We only sell Rs3 bonds because they are cheap and easy to trade.

Runemetrics Pro Packages | Get PRO in RS now!

Bonds can be used for Runemetrics pro packages. Runemetrics is a perk to track your progress like how much XP is gained in a specific timespan. The number of kills and loots you have recieved aswell as your overall wealth! It gives you access to accurate XP rates per hour, ETA to next level and generates graphs of your progress over time. Using all the data and your playing style, Runemetrics Pro allows you to find out the best methods for your character and play style, what works best for you, and to ensure you're making the most of your game time.

Runemetrics pro

use bonds for display name, treasure hunter keys, runecoins

Display name changes

Runescape display names can be changed once every month but if you redeem a bond for name change, you can do it once per bond. Every player has an oppurtunity to change his/her display name but the username/email login remains same. This also makes your account safer to some extent as no one knows what is your user login until and unless you tell them yourself.


RuneCoins are a type of RuneScape currency released on 17 July 2012. Bought through microtransaction, they are used to buy cosmetic items in Solomon's General Store, which is found in the Extras tab. You can buy cosmetics outfits, titles, achievement banners, new animations for fishing, woodcutting, herblore, mining, and slayer, some unique emotes and teleportation animations as well as a new high alchemy animation. Additional bank space may also be purchased using Runecoins.

Treasure Hunter Keys

Treasure Hunter keys are items that unlock treasure chests on the Treasure Hunter minigame. Treasure hunter minigame is a lottery type minigame in which you unlock chests using the keys and win useful and rare runescape items.

Make bonds tradeable

Converting Bonds | Making bonds tradeable again

If you are traded the Runescape bond by another player or your friend, it becomes untradeable by default. In order to trade it again, you will have to convert it. Right click the bond and use the 'Covert bonds' button to convert your Runescape bonds back to tradeable. You can also convert multiple bonds at once if you wish but you have to pay a slight fee for each of them.

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Swap RSGP to Buy bonds with RSGP

Buy bonds with RSGP

If you have RS07 gold and want to buy RS3 bonds for the multiple perks, you can swap your Oldschool gold with us for Rs3 at the best swap rates possible. We will exchange your RS07 gold for RS3 gold and then you can go to Grand exchange to buy the bonds. Bonds are around 11m-14m Rs3 in the GE. The price keeps on varying. Double check with GE before you swap your gold.

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What payment methods do we accept?

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We accept all cryptocurrencies. If you are looking to buy bonds, just contact the livechat