What is RuneScape Gold Swapping?

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What is RuneScape Gold Swapping?

Gold Swapping is a common term used for when a player has currency in either of the Runescape clients (RS3, OSRS) and would like to exchange it for the other RS3 – OSRS / OSRS – RS3 either way they both work the same, you give the gold swapper the gold on the opposite version you would like to receive the gold on.

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A Quick Introduction To Gold Swapping

If you’re reading this you probably have been wondering for a while “What is Runescape gold swapping” however today i’m going to solve that question by giving you a brief introduction into the world of gold swapping – Including a run down on the most common scams to watch for when swapping Runescape gold.


In the swapping world scams are not hard to find, in the war agaisnt scams knowledge is power for that reason im going to outline some scams to watch for when you’re trying to swap your hard earned geepees.

Trust Trading

For you to start swapping GP in Runescape you must understand, that IF SOMETHING IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS. Trust Trading is also a common term used in Runescape to describe a trade you “trust” the other person to hold your currency/items while completing the next steps of the trade ( In a gold swap this would be the moment the swapper hops to the other version and trades you your gold) This is A MUST while gold swapping, trust is needed. – To make sure you’re getting a 100% safe swap use www.zedrs.com

Phishing Scams

Normally when you’re swapping gold the swapper will own a website with a live chat assistance to swap your gold, if at any point you are asked for your Runescape password or account information ( other than your username ) Thats a big NONO! – No matter what they say do not give out your password.

These are just some of the scams going on in the gold swapping world, its always good to keep yourself up to date with the latest scams and if you take anything from this let it be this.


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