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Seasonal Deadman II

The second season of Deadman is here almost. After the success of the first seasonal deadman, Runescape is launching the second season! Be prepared to take over the Pkers and suiciders.

Deadman mode is a new suspense, PVP survival mode for Old School RuneScape. Deadman Mode is the ultimate in risk vs reward PvP. It is not safe like RS3 or RS07, you can get attacked anywhere anytime and upon death, loose all of your wealth including whats in the bank. Deadman mode is highly appreciated by the Oldschool Pkers who used to be pking expert back in the day before Evolution of Combat on the RS3. In deadman, PvP is enabled everywhere except Barbarian assualt and the tutorial island. However, it is guarded by very high level guards, like Combat level 126 guards are roaming around the towns i.e Varrock , Falador , Camelot , Lumbridge and other smaller towns too. The guards will protect you. Deadman mode is one of the most interesting Runescape mode. Then comes the Seasonal Deadman, the excitement of players is uncontrollable, this can be seen from the fact that we, at ZedRS, have already got hundreds of queries related to the next upcoming seasonal. The queries included whether will we be swappnig the new mode's cash, when will it arrive , what will be the swap rates and alot more. Majority of the Runescape players are eagerly waiting for this.

Seasonal Deadman mode resets every 3 months and then comes the final tournament, the last deadman to survive wins $10,000. Yes this is true, Runescape organizes a tournament for the top 2000 Deadman players, the last one to stay alive wins and takes home $10K. The first season is already over and now its time for the second season. With the release of seasonal deadmans, the swapping industry flourishes. What is the main reason behind swapping your RSGP? Think.. Think.. Think.. It is because a player thinks the other server is more interesting and it attracts him, he can quickly swap his wealth to the new server to enjoy and save his time, then once he is bored of it, he can always swap it back to the other server again. Swapping is an oppurtunity for the players to save their time to earn cash in game and rather concentrate on skilling by using their wealth from the other mode that could be either Rs3 or Rs07.

Swap your Seasonal Deadman Gold with ZedRS

swap deadman gold

We are now also offering seasonal deadman gold swapping along with Rs3 and 07. ZedRS has always been one step ahead of everyone in the swapping industry. We do know how risky and dangerous it is to trade in the Deadman worlds but we take full responsibility of all the GP which have been traded to us, this means, once you have 'accepted' the trade and handed over the gold to us, the risk is ours! No matter if we die or survive, you will get your cash in Rs3 or 07 for whatever you were transferring it for.

Once again we will be offering you the best swap rates possible, still incase you are able to find a better rate, do let the livechate agent know!

What is the reason behind swapping seasonal deadman?

Runescape players who find more than one server to be interesting feels the need to swap their gold over. If they keep playing one server then their will be no need to swap. But there are some players who play another server to make gp but play another server for fun and leisure. Lets say you have found an amazing money making method in oldschool but you play Rs3. You can play OSRS and RS3 at the same time on 2 different accounts. On oldschool, you can carry on making money and then swap it for RS3 gold once a while. This way, you can enjoy your favourite Rs3 mode as well as keep on gaining wealth on Rs3 by swapping the gold you make in RS2007. Same goes with Seasonal deadman.

Benefit from SDMM while its there. HURRY!

Even if you don't like the deadman mode and completely hate having multiple servers on runescape. Everyone has his own choice. Let me give you a million dollar advice. If you play either of the Rs3 or Oldschool version and have no plans of playing deadman in near future. You can benefit from the update. You can build up your bank on the server you play. In the first week of the new season, the swap rates are really high. Trust me, the rates are insanely high and the SDMM gold is in massive demand. You can first of all get the 10K gp from Stronghold of Security and swap it for the server you play, 07 or EoC. 10k approximately goes for around 1m 07 or 10m RS3. Thinking this way, you can start with picking up bonds in the cow fields near Lumbridge or kill cows for the hides, pick flax, spin wool into strings and so much more to earn gp. You might be thinking why you should do these noob money making methods, you might be thinking you will only be making few hundred thousand gp but when you exchange that few thousand for Rs3 or RS07, you get millions. 1M sdmm goes for around 100m 07 / 500m rs3 in the first days.

I am sure you will consider my advice and start working in the new season. We will always be open for swapping and make sure our accounts are ready ASAP for the new season so you don't have to wait for the transfer.

How to be safe in Seasonal Deadman?

You need to keep your eyes open at all times when logged in the Deadman mode. The Pkers are always on the hunt to kill you and loot your precious bank. BE AWARE! YOU CAN BE ATTACKED ANYWHERE ANYTIME. Your best bet is to stay at the Banks and crowded areas where their are guards and many other players around you so a Pker thinks twice before attacking you. Not everytime a player is willing to kill you and grab your wealth, sometimes someone may misclick and attack you which may result in major loss in your hitpoints. Therefore always observer your HP and keep food in inventory, spam click on the food as soon as you are attacked or notice sudden decrease in hitpoints.

What is the difference betweel regular Oldschool and Deadman or Seasonal Deadman mode?

There are several differences between traditional Oldschool Runescape and SDM (and DMM), outlined below:

-All skill-training XP rates are multiplied by 5

-All areas in RS are treated like Wilderness, where players can attack any other player at any level. Open PKing

-If a player attacks another unskulled player, they get skulled

-If a player attacks another skulled player, they do not get skulled

-Players with skulls will lose their skull after 30 minutes without engaging combat and remaining active, or upon death

-Upon death you will lose 25% of your total experience in all unprotected skills if unskulled, and 50% if skulled

-If a skulled player enters a protected area, they will be attacked by level 1337 Guards and perpetually rooted until death

-Most forms of teleportation and logging-out of the SDMM require a 10 second countdown before activation

-There are only few safe areas where you are completely safe

Good News:

The new season will also have a Grand Exchange unlike the last one!

How to begin with the new Seasonal Deadman?

Login to one of the Seasonal Deadman worlds on the oldschool client. You will be in the tutorial island, talk to Skippy to skip the tutorial and to get to the mainland within seconds. He will teleport you to Lumbridge. The real adventure begins now. You have to trick the Pjers and players who are ready to attack and move through the crowd towards your first destination. This could either be the grand exchange or to kill goblins and cows to get starter cash. In case you are not willing to spend hours and hours earning cash from scratch, you can swap your oldschool or Rs3 gold with ZedRS in the livechat for Seasonal Deadman gold and get quick starter cash to buy armour, food , teleports and alot other items that you may need for your long journey.