Runescape Connection Issues

staking in oldschool

What was actually happening?

Majority of runescape players were experiencing constant disconnections and lags whilst playing oldschool & RS3. However, contrary to the popular belief, JaGeX is completely aware of the problem. This issue arose as a result of some people trying to DDOS the runescape servers to interrupt the smooth gameplay. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) disrupts an online service by overwhelming it with malicious traffic - making it harder for legitimate users to use the server. These people are able to do this by exploiting the minor loopholes which exist in a system. In a recent update, Mod Ronan (Top executive Moderator of Runescape ) has confirmed that they are aware of this situation and it is being worked upon to be resolved as soon as possible so that the players can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay just like before. Just like everyone, our customers at ZedRS experienced the same problem while they rented maxed accounts from us. The connections lagged heavily while staking and sometimes the accounts logged out automatically, which made them lose their stakes, costing them 100s of million oldschool gold. However, we are really thankful to the highly cooperative customers that they completely understood the problem and did not create any havoc. All of them handled this with patience, and as a thank you for our customers, we have decided to give extra time for the rental accounts in the same cost. This will express our gratitude and hopefully offer some compensation for them. Even though it was not a problem from our side, but the happiness and recovery of the loses of our customers is our main priority.

You can rent a maxed main account to test your staking skills from us. Maxed main rentals are here

Something that you need know!

Server issues have been fixed and the game is running smoothly again. Do not worry about getting logged out or lagging during a stake or something. Enjoy and test your staking skills once again in the duel arena! Invest in some extra time to compensate for the lost days.

ZedRS is offering 15 mins extra for every 1 hour till March 3rd, 2017. Be sure to get advantage of this offer before its over!