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Runefest 2016 news

Runefest 2016 is happening! Fasten your seat belts and hold tight. Runefest is around the corner

After the success and massive turnover at the last Runefest i.e Runefest 2015, Runefest 2016 will be happening anytime soon. The dates, venue or anything has not been announced yet. But it is expected to be in London just like every Runefest. RuneFest 2015 was the third RuneFest held at Tobacco Dock, in London so chances are very high that the upcoming Runefest will be held at the same place. It is located in Central London. I, myself was present at the 2015 Runefest in London.

Tickets, hotels and travelling for Runefest

Unlike previous Runefests, this year Jagex is not selling admission ticket, airline tickets, currency and hotel rooms for bonds. Last year I was able to pay for hotel rooms (2 nights) and Runefest admission ticket + Zemomarks through bonds. It cost me 55 bonds per night for the hotel room and 35 bonds for the admission ticket to the event. We were only offered 2 nights through bonds purchase by Jagex. 1 bond was equalivalent to £3 that could only be spent on the event for food and souveniours.

Things have changed this year

Jagex is no longer offering tickets,hotels,travelling and zemomarks through bonds. Everything should be paid in cash directly. Runefest team has only released the ticket price so far and that is £99. Nothing else is released so far. You can find info about the Runefest 2016 - Bonds announcement here

In case you have already stocked up on RS3 bonds for the runefest and do not play RS3, don't be dissappointed! You can selling them in the grand exchange and swap your Runescape 3 gp for oldschool gp with ZedRS. We offer competitive swapping service through our livechat present at the bottom right hand corner of this page. For more information about runescape gold swapping, check out our RSGP Swapping page.

I would personally advice you all, you should go to Runefest 2016 if possible! Its a lifetime experience if you are a RS player.


9th July, 2016

Runefest 2016 is coming on Saturday ,17th September 2016 this year. This year will have an Eastern Lands theme. A new year also means a new venue and this year’s event is set to take place at the fabulous Battersea Evolution in London, England!Entrance on Saturday will cost £99 per person or you can get a combined ticket that also includes access to the night-before party for £120 per person. A stand-alone ticket for the night-before party costs £25.

More details to cover anything and everything that will be going on at this year’s RuneFest will be here soon