Ultimate Oldschool Staking guide!

staking in oldschool

What is Staking?

Staking is just another form of gambling in-game. It is HIGHLY addictive and you will get drawn in very fast which is why people loose banks every now and then. I would recomment don't even take in the duel arena what you can't afford to loose. Because anything that you take into the duel arena either comes back multiplied or nothing at all. That is basically how staking goes on. Once you click on the 'accept' button, theres no going back. I repeat, NO GOING BACK!

You can rent a maxed main account to test your staking skills from us. Maxed main rentals are here

Something that you need know!

The most used and easiest way to stake with equal odds is to do whip on a maxed accounts. A maxed account has 99 Attack,99 Strength,99 Defence and 99 Hitpoints. When you and your opponent both have the same stats and weapons i.e tentacle whip, there will be equal odds in winning so you can't say something unfair went until and unless you mess up the staking conditions before accepting.

Now you have to get the first hit in the fight! You would be thinking, spam clicking is the answer? NO! NO! NO!

PID(player I.D.) is the main factor of getting the first hit. You can think of PID as the priority number you're randomly assigned as you log in. Your main aim is to get as lowest PID as possible. If you have a lower PID than the opponent you're facing, then you'll hit first. To get a low PID, try following a friend and seeing how fast it takes for your characters to react. Who ever had a lower PID should stay logged in while their friend should continue to try and get a lower PID. You may repeat this process until you believe you have a PID that's worth keeping.


There are a multiple scams that are going on in the duel arena, some of them are
-having summoning turned on without YOU realising
-having an item slot activated without YOU realising(most popular are the platebody boxers, but other item slots used as well)
-having potions activated when YOU didnt bring any
-having prayer activated
-having mage disabled, when YOU only brought mage(same applies for the other 2 styles)
-having abilities activated
-doing a certain rule set, thinking it was even odds but it is NEVER( doing armor on, drygore weapon stakes etc)