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Oldschool Runescape releasing for iOS and Android

A good news for all old school runescape players! For those who are unaware, old school runescape is a multiplayer online role playing game developed by Jagex.The old school version was launched in 2013 and since then it has been maintained alongside the original version. It is a point and click game where the player controls a character and can interact with objects and collect money by performing different tasks.

The good news is that, on 5 th September old school runescape developers announced that the mobile version of the game will be released on 30 th October 2018! It is a thrilling and exciting news and we can’t wait for the release. Want to know why? Here’s everything you need to know about the new mobile app. It will be released on both IOS and android devices. It offers a mobile optimized interface. An exciting feature of the app is that it offers full cross platform play with PC, which means that if you have left the game at a certain point on your PC, you can continue it on your mobile phone from where you left when you’re out. Isn’t that just amazing? The game will also feature a customized one touch action button and intuitive touch screen controls. The game was shown on mobile at Runefest 2017, since then, Jagex claims that the team at Jagex has worked hard to come up with a mobile version that is user friendly and caters to the needs of the players! Throughout the time, the developers also conducted beta tests such as closed Beta tests, the Canada and Nordics soft launch, the android members Beta and their recently conducted IOS closed Beta test. All these tests have proven to be successful and now the game is all set to launch on IOS and android devices. The developers have promised to provide the same thrilling experience that players had on PC, on our favourite devices. This version is open to both members and non-members. For all those interested, the app is available for pre-order on the App store and Google Play. It is compatible with Android lollipop and IOS 10 and above. So hurry up and pre register, the countdown to October 30 th is underway!

Good News:

You can easily swap your RS Gold through your phone now!