How to swap RuneScape gold?

Runescape swapping began when Jagex introduced the oldschool version of Runescape i.e the one it was in 2007. The players had to restart with fresh accounts and stats in it. Swapping gives the oppurtunity to players to switch their cash in between servers and play whatever they like whenever they want.

ZedRS is providing safe and sound swap service for the Runescape players. We are well aware of the thousands of potential scammers who appeared after the release of oldschool. What they do is to make few accounts, a new fc with name related to rs swapping and run spammers in crowded areas. The players who are not aware of this, end up getting scammed by swapping in the random friendchats. We made our website in 2015 and trying our best to provide a 24/7 Runescape Swapping service to players who are looking to transfer their gold over to the other server.

Now you will be thinking how the swap will go on?

Swapping with ZedRS is simple and easy. All you have to do is to click on the livechat button on the bottom right corner of this page, select the 'Swapping' department and request a chat. A livechat agent will soon join the chat, let him/her know which and how much rs gold do you have and which server would you like to switch to. For example: I have 100m rs3 and I want to swap it for oldschool/2007 scape. The swapper will let you know the swap rates and then give you the location for the trade to occur. Moreover, if you dont like our rates or have a better offer from another swapper, let the livechat agent know it right away! We at ZedRS aim to serve as many people as we can, profit is not our main aim, but a happy customer is! After the swap, don't forget to leave feedback on our offsite forum profiles and social media profiles. Also let your friends know

Happy Swapping with ZedRS! Hope to see you all soon