Runescape Connection Issues

Majority of runescape players were experiencing constant disconnections and lags whilst playing oldschool & RS3. However, contrary to the popular belief, JaGeX is completely aware of the problem. This issue arose as a result of some people trying to DDOS the runescape servers to interrupt ... (more)

Ultimate Oldschool Staking guide!

Staking is just another form of gambling in-game. It is HIGHLY addictive and you will get drawn in very fast which is why people loose banks every now and then. I would recomment don't even take in the duel arena what you can't afford to loose. Because anything that you take into the duel arena either comes back multiplied or nothing at all. That is basically how staking goes on. Once you click on the 'accept' button, theres no going back. I repeat, NO GOING ... (more)

Swapping Seasonal Deadman Gold

We are now also offering seasonal deadman gold swapping along with Rs3 and 07. ZedRS has always been one step ahead of everyone in the swapping industry. We do know how risky and dangerous it is to trade in the Deadman worlds but we take full responsibility of all the GP which have been traded to us, this means, once you have 'accepted' the trade and handed over the gold to us, the risk is ours! No matter if we die or survive, you will get your cash in Rs3.... (more)

How to swap RuneScape gold?

Runescape swapping began when Jagex introduced the oldschool version of Runescape i.e the one it was in 2007. The players had to restart with fresh accounts and stats in it. Swapping gives the oppurtunity to players to switch their cash in between servers and play whatever they like whenever they want... (more)

What is RuneScape Gold Swapping?

Gold Swapping is a common term used for when a player has currency in either of the Runescape clients (RS3, OSRS) and would like to exchange it for the other RS3 – OSRS / OSRS – RS3 either way they both work the same, you give the gold swapper the gold on the opposite version you would like to receive the gold on.... (more)