Why swap with us?

Ever wanted to convert your gold from Oldschool to Runescape 3 or EoC – but can’t find a reputable source to do it with? Ponder no longer! ZedRS is an innovative and advanced way to swap your Runescape gold quickly. Our highly skilled team consisting of Runescape players are on standby always to receive your requests and to swap your gold in easiest and safest manner possible! At ZedRS, we endeavour greatly to ensure your satisfaction when swapping your gold. That’s why we have developed a user-friendly interface – one that maximizes the amount of gold you receive! It is our goal here at ZedRS to provide you with the greatest rates possible for your gold. We understand its your hard earned gold and you need the best possible rates therefore we have a PRICE BEATING POLICY. We have spent hours and hours of laborious and comprehensive research to produce one of the greatest swapping clan ever created since the release of oldschool. Additionally, there are hundreds of “rsgp swapping” or "Runescape gold exchange" websites out there, waiting to pounce on your gold, and take it all! Don’t fall into that trap of pitiful, despicable scammers - Don’t settle for other so-called legit “swappers”! Our team at ZedRS have worked very hard to mend up the hole in the Runescape swapping industry – and have replaced it with a highly contemporary and safe platform that will secure your gold during transactions with us, so you have the best experience with us at ZedRS! Want to swap with us? Our extremely simple interface is designed for your comfort - First of all choose what type of RSGP do you have; Rs3 or OSRS. Then put in amounts like a cool breeze! Simply use our interface to calculate your swapping rates, however, the calculators are just a rough estimate and most up-to-date rates can be found in the livechat by talkign to one of the swapper/agent. Our English speaking team is always ready to complete your swapping journey! In Addition to that, we strive to provide our customers with an unmatched quality of customer service. Our live chat representatives have all undergone massive amounts of training to perfect the skill of customer service, well aware of both versions of Runescape ; RS3 and RS07 as well as have paid large deposits to work as a swapper on the website. We do all of this to make sure you are safe when swapping your gold with us! Here at ZedRS, we aspire tremendously to deliver you the greatest quality of swapping with utter and complete determination, honesty and cordiality. We have undergone much development, withstanding the struggles of swapping your gold, and finally coming out on top with the world’s greatest platform to swap Runescape gold. We’d proudly like to present to you the future of Runescape swapping, ZedRS. www.zedrs.com - Think no more before swapping your RS Gold. - The ZedRS team

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